About Granimator

Build Intuitive Trading Strategies With a Platform That Offers Detailed Resources and Information

How Granimator Came About

A common concern among new investors is that cryptocurrency only seems to benefit early adopters who already had enough information and knowledge about it to benefit from it. To make matters worse, beginners who were looking to trade on cryptocurrencies as soon as the asset class started gaining traction found themselves at a disadvantage. They were motivated to learn, but didn’t have the right resources at their disposal.

That’s where a team of passionate crypto traders decided to combine what they know to develop a comprehensive knowledge base. The aim of such a platform was to provide new traders with an informative resource that could help them learn about digital currencies and the crypto market. After countless tests and drafts, the development team was able to come up with a design that meets users’ needs.

The Mission Behind Granimator

The mission behind developing Granimator was to show beginner traders that they don’t have to go through a tiring process just to learn about cryptocurrencies, and that a single platform can show them how to get started. From learning about the market and getting a hang of the various charts and tools to making their first trade - Granimator is where traders can hopefully see their skills grow. In the same way, it provides experienced veterans with a more efficient way to learn about the market and hopefully make better trading decisions.

The Mission Behind Granimator

The Values Behind Developing Granimator

The team behind Granimator came up with the idea of creating a trading platform so that new traders wouldn’t face so many bumps on their journey towards learning about the market. Without the right tools, many traders would be at a disadvantage when they’re up against traders with many years of experience. By giving them access to detailed resources about cryptocurrencies and shifting market trends, Granimator fulfills its vision of making crypto trading more accessible for the average person who may not know much about it.

After all, cryptocurrency was developed as an asset that could be accessed by anyone without any restrictions or censorship, so why should people face so many roadblocks when trying to become better traders?